Herman Munster Conquers Television

Gentle Monster Delights Fans Worldwide

Herman Munster is a character in the Columbia Broadcasting System television series The Munsters. The only true potrayal of the loveable monster is that of Fred Gwynne. The Munster household patriarch is an entity much like the monster of Frankenstein.

Makeup True Horror Of Series

One thing truly monstrous about the series revolved around the makeup utilized for Herman. The costume was bulky and thick. The studio lights were hot, hot and hot. The actor continually battled weight loss due to excessive perspiration. Not even salt tablets, gallons of liquid or an air hose within the costume helped.

Self-Made (Almost) Monster

Herman came into being (born is not the proper word to use) in 1815 just after the end of the War of 1812. His creation site was the University of Heidelberg. His father (for lack of a better word) is Dr Victor Frankenstein. Most of the bugs were worked out of Herman in the 1850s. Herman also has a twin brother named Charlie.

Herman Actually English Royalty

Herman left Germany for Great Britain at an early age where he was adopted by the Munsters of Munster Hall at Shroudshire, England. Herman moved to the Romanian region of Transylvania where he met vampiress Lily Dracula. Herman married Lily in 1865. The couple moved to the United States along with the father of the bride. In an area seldom mentioned it should be noted that Herman fought during World War II. He served in the Army.

Perfect Job For Perfect Munster

Herman is employed by Gateman, Goodbury & Graves which is a funeral home parlor in Mockingbird Heights where he started out as a nail boy. Co-workers sometimes remark on his height and strength but do not appear to find his appearance and green color out of the ordinary. The good-natured buffoon behaves rather childishly. Herman often throws temper tantrums.

Move Over Superman

Herman is incredibly strong. He once lifted a solid metal demolition ball casually with one hand. He is almost immovable. On a number of occasions cars have run into him without causing him any injury. Not so with vehicles involved. A safe fell on his head which only gave him amnesia. His weight is three spins of scale dial. Herman stands 7-3 with brown eyes. He can lift caskets without assistance.


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