All Nudity In World Cannot Help Awful Music

Album Covers Push The Envelope

I understand that sex sells! Stick an image of a topless or nude form on something and it will catch the attention of buyers. Theoretically speaking! I do not appreciate this concept when it pertains to vinyl record album covers. Exceptional music has nothing whatsoever to do with exposed boobs, nude females or unclad forms!

Most Blatant Album Cover

The album cover which takes this concept to the limit is Sink The Pink from AC/DC. A sanitized version of that cover is shown. The cover depicts a totally nude female with blonde hair but black roots completely spread eagled with absolutely nothing left to the imagination. The message conveyed is certainly not come inside because the music is wonderful. The come inside part is probably accurate but not the wonderful music part!

Similiar Cover Only Illustrated

Another album cover in the same vein is Now You Can Make Me Your Sex Slave from Spider Babies. Honestly, I had never heard of Spider Babies until I stumbled across this album cover. A sanitized version of album cover is shown. On the cover is an illustrated totally nude female spread eagled. All my attempts to figure this mysterious album cover out have been abysmal failures. Have at it!

Frontal Nudity Crosses Racial Boundaries

One of the album covers shown depicts a black man and a black woman. Both are nude. Frontal nudity completely exposed. Sanitized version is shown. Have no idea what kind of music is on vinyl within cover! It is certainly evident that more thought went into preparation of album covers on these releases than it did on the actual performances themselves. Whatever happened to buying vinyl records to listen to the music?

No Shortage Of Exposed Boobs

Exposed female boobs are popular on album covers! The bigger the better is the apparent rallying cry. Topless women lounging around doing nothing on album covers is the norm not the exception. The apparent message is that nude women wait around until someone decides to take them to bed! Well, not exactly to bed but adult readers know what I mean. There is just something about exposed female boobs which demand attention.

Attempts To Disguise Boobs In Good Taste?

Some album cover geniuses get artsy! In an apparent attempt at good taste exposed female boobs are heavily painted. An exposed boob is an exposed boob is an exposed boob! The reasoning behind this masquerade is perplexing. Producers want the boobs to be noticed! What possible reason is there for the distracting paint? I guess I will go listen to my Beatles music and leave this other area of music production alone for now. Yeah yeah yeah!


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