Artist Neal Adams Knows How To Draw Batman

Batman Meets Neal Adams

To me, the definitive Batman artist will always be Adams. There was just something grand about the character when rendered by this wonderous illustrator.

Batman Meets Cain

Some of the most popular Batman adventures were drawn by Adams. One of my favorites is when Batman visits Cain in the House Of Mystery. Now THAT is great reading!

Batman Meets Creeper

Another fantastic adventure involved Batman and Creeper (a Steve Ditko character) in an issue of Brave & Bold. Cannot remember too much about plot but that cover was suitable for framing. If only all covers conveyed such emotion!

No Characters Were Unchallenged

The popular artist did numerous covers for DC. Many times the covers alone were the lone reason to purchase the comic. Interior artwork and plot left much to be desired. Green Lantern at DC and Avengers at Marvel were Adams projects. I am sure I am leaving others out.

Adams Meets Warren

Adams did some wonderful artwork for the Warren magazine line. That, however, is fodder for another lens. Be talking with you again soon.


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