Beatles More Than Just Four Carefree Lads From Liverpool

Only Liverpool Lads

The English hamlet of Liverpool provided us with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr aka Richard Starkey. Better known collectively as The Beatles.

Popularity Only Grows Stronger

The group officially dissolved in the late 1960s but continues to appeal to fans of all ages and musical classifications almost half a century later. Beatle music remains fresh today.

Lennon First Beatle To Leave Us

A Sirhan Sirhan Manchurian candidate named Mark Chapman took Lennon from all of us in New York, NY. I believe Lennon bested Richard Nixon and cohorts during his life but the disgraced president won out in the end. There are still troubling quesytions surrounding the murder-assassination.

Harrison Leaves This World Quietly

There was little initial hoopla with the natural death passing of the quiet Beatle. Harrison was a firm believer in the spiritual world as evidenced by the music which is now his legacy.

Two Remain With One Going Strong

McCartney continues to compose music, perform concerts and do all a superstar musician is expected to do. Starr retains a much lower profile but has always contended that he is proud to have been a part of the greatest show on earth.

Pete Best

The drummer that was ousted from the group, Best, to make room for Starr continues to toil to this very day. His story is indeed a sad, but necessary, one for the group could not have attained its stature WITH him. I know that fails to make Best feel better.


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