Case Against Most UFO Photographs As Hoaxes

Favorite Cry Of UFO Skeptics

Skeptics who totally disbelieve in UFOs (plus most everything else) always cry hoax when it comes to UFO photos. Any UFO photos! Sometimes they are correct. Sometimes they are not!

George Adamski A Strong Case

I have heard all my life that the photos produced by Adamski as proof of his contacts were photographic fakes easy to duplicate. I have to this day to see such duplications! Remember, such copies must be achieved with only photographic equipment commercially available in the 1950s!

Paul Villa A Strong Case

The spectacular UFO photos of contactee Villa have been branded as fakes. Strings were supposidly discovered in UFO prints utilizing super sophisticated equipment. This flies in the face of reason!

Too Many Technical Difficulties

We are told that string attached to tree branches held up small models. Think about what I just typed! Even on days without wind a model attached by string to tree branches WOULD NOT remain stationary! Nor would there be ground disturbances below the models. Such a disturbance is clearing visible in one Villa photo!

Photographic Expertise Required

To be blunt, contactees such as Adamski, Villa, Howard Menger, Carroll Watts and others simply did not possess the photographic ability necessary to produce such elaborate and convincing fakes!

Sometimes Seeing Not Believing

There will always be dishonest individuals who fake UFO photos for their own sordid reasons. There will always be individuals who capture true UFOs on film. The Paul Trent UFO photo (despite what you have have heard recently) remains a genuine unexplained. Not the only one!


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