Contactee George Adamski Mystery Decades After His Death

George Adamski Riddle Wrapped In Enigma

The first widely recognized contactee remains as much a mystery in death as he did in life. Attempts to dig deeply into the background of Adamski uncover more questions than answers.

Desert Contact With Orthon

Was November 20, 1952 the day a man conferred with a being from outer space? Signed declarations of witnesses seem to bear this out. Such documents, if I may be so bold to remind skeptics, are accepted by courts as legal documents. Historic black and white photos taken that day appear in the United States government-suppressed UFOs:The Secret History by Michael Heseman. Good luck locating a copy!

California Encounter

Adamski first mistook the space visitor as a prospector or mountaineer in distress. As the contactee drew closer he noticed the figure had blonde shoulder-length hair and was dressed in a brown suit.

Not Giant In Stature

One strange report from the encounter was that the space visitor was only 5-2 in height and appeared to be in his late 20s. Of course, age is subjective, height is not. Later contactees reported visitors well over six feet tall. Unusual, to say the least.

Plaster Cast Imprints Made Of Footprints

The space visitor left footprints which were forever preserved by plaster. Witnesses were not up close and personal but did agree they saw Adamski and the figure conversing from their vantage point.

Contactees Or Con Men?

I fully believe there was something strange going on with contactees in the 1950s. Adamski may have been the first but he was certainly not the last. His photographic evidence may be pooh-poohed by many but legitimate duplication (of his photos and films) have yet to surface. He was no photographic expert! Besides, when did he have time for all this trick photography? Food for thought.


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