David Vincent Modern Day Paul Revere In Invaders

One Human Being Knows Truth About Alien Invasion

Architect David Vincent embarks on a one-man crusade after witnessing the landing of an alien spacecraft, The cult television series lasted two seasons. A total of 43 hour episodes were broadcast in 1967 and 1968. Roy Thinnes was cast in the starring role as David Vincent. He tried unsuccessfully to convince a disbelieving world that the alien invaders are now among us.

Invaders A Far Cry From Branded

The serieswas the creative brainchild of Larry Cohen who is best known for his work in the horror and thriller film genres. His other noteworthy television creation was Branded. The Chuck Connors western cult classic was on the small creen in 1965 and 1966. Who can ever forget Mark, Micah and, uh, well, Micah and Mark? Superior western fare.

David Vincent A Latter Day Paul Revere

Roy Thinnes was born April 6, 1938. Kent Smith was born in 1907 and passed away in 1985. He portrayed Edgar Scoville. The Scoville Electronics czar was a believer who joined the battle against outer space invaders. Opening sequence narrator was Hank Simms who was born May 25, 1923. Series narrator William Woodson was born July 16, 1917.

Initial Episode Has Appropriate Name

The series debuted January 10, 1967 on ABC. Beachhead was scripted by Anthony Wilson and directed by Joseph Sargent. David Vincent was 28 years old and an honor graduate of MIT. He was returning home from a business trip and pulled over to sleep near a deserted cafe called Bud’s Diner. Awakened by bright lights and a loud humming noise, The architect witnesses the landing of a spacecraft from another galaxy. But when he returns the next day with the authorities in tow he is unable to offer any proof of his UFO sighting. Even the name of the diner is no longer the same. This was a nice touch by writers as it implies witness was dreaming entire episode.

Aliens From Slowing Dying Planet Need New Home

The invaders are alien beings from a dying planet intent on making the Earth their world. These outer space baddies can take human form and are on to Vincent as he embarks on his lonely battle to prove their existence. Even those who look kindly upon the architect view him as a harmless delusional misguided kook. That is until they themselves are zapped by the invaders.

Guest Stars Enhance Series

The popular seriesfeatured a number of talented guest stars. Heading the all-star roster were Michael Rennie (Day Earth Stood Still), Roddy McDowall (unforgettable butler from Overboard and Scavenger Hunt), Suzanne Pleshette (Blackbeard’s Ghost), Jack Lord (Hawaii Five-O), James Whitmore, Ed Begley, Peter Graves (Stalag 17), Burgess Meredith (Penguin on Batman), Ralph Bellamy, Gene Hackman, Wayne Rogers (MASH), Dawn Wells (Gilligan’s Island), Pat Hingle, Sally Kellerman, Fritz Weaver, Carol Lynley, Karen Black, Louis Gossett Jr. (Iron Eagle and Toy Soldiers), Will Geer, Kevin McCarthy, Barry Williams and Lynn Loring (Roy Thinnes wife).



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