Even Bruce Lee Could Not Eclipse Batman Popularity

Radio Hero Makes Move To Television

The Green Hornet was originally a pulp (not the orange juice kind) hero who was wildly popular on radio. That popularity resulted in several big screen appearances. They are mostly overlooked. Not his time on television.

Martial Arts Superstar Enhances Show

The series, from the same folks that gave everyone Adam West as Batman and Bruce Ward as Robin, were genius in the casting of martial arts legend Bruce Lee as Kato.

Kato Versus Robin A Fiasco

The crossover between the Batman and Green Hornet shows required a clash between Robin and Kato. Ward was terrified of Lee. He should have known that an expert in the league of Lee would always be in complete control and NEVER intentionally harm Ward.

Green Hornet Forced Into Single Episodes

Batman was allowed two half hour shows (much like the old cliff-hanger serials popular in motion picture houses) to dispatch the bad guys. The Green Hornet and Kato were only provided 30 minutes (less with commercials) per week. They always prevailed. Way to go guys!

District Attorney In The Know

The Green Hornet was a newspaper publisher whose identity was known to the district attorney. Wonder what would have happened had that guy passed away or another took in place in that office. Food for thought!

Fans Preferred Bat Over Hornet

The Green Hornet television series was never as popular as Batman. Of course, the Batman show had all those wonderful actors and actresses portraying bad guys and gals.


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