Ex-Falcon Now Cowboy Keith Brooking Still Loser

Defenders Supposed To Make Tackles

Former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Keith Brooking called the defensive signals for the National Football League Atlanta Falcons. Player is now member of Dallas Cowboys.

Overrated Untalented Loser

The untalented quitter has not made a legitimate game-changing tackle in years (if ever). He is so far past his prime that it is laughable. Only not to all of us die-hard Falcon fans who have suffered since 1966.

Never Had Very Much Talent

Brooking never had very much talent to begin with. I watched him during his collegiate years. He was nothing to get excited about then. His professional tenure has been even worse!

Mistakes Are His Forte

Blown assignments, missed tackles and mental errors are all his standard operating procedure. The Falcon defense lacks any credible talent but Brooking is in the loweest echelon of an untalented bunch. Serves as more of cheerleader in Texas.

Beat Odds To Stay

Brooking should have been ushered out with Michael “Dog Killer” Vick and his thug cohorts but Brooking somehow avoided the purge. Most of the untalented cancers were ousted. Not Brooking!

Tackling Ability In Question

Maybe Brooking could tackle a one-legged elderly woman in a wheelchair. Maybe. It is obvious he is unable to slow down any runner without assistance. Plenty of it!


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