Falcons Beaten To Super Bowl Title By Rival Saints

How Not To Run Professional Franchise

The Atlanta Falcons are a so-called professional football team based in Atlanta, Georgia. The forever losers are grouped in the South Division of the National Football League (NFL). The birth year was 1966. The initial four decades plus two years of utter ineptitude resulted in a dismal 262-386-6 overall record. That equates to over nine losses per season. NINE!

Only One Season Even Worth Noting

The team did make an appearance in Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami, Florida in 1980 where there was a summary execution by John Elway and the Denver Broncos. Dan Reeves was head coach. Chris Chandler was quarterback. The actual highlight of the campaign was a conquest of the heavily favored Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota during the National Conference Championship Game. The Falcons were completely uncharacteristic dvision champions in 1980, 1998 and 2004.

Blame Pete Rozelle Not Tommy Nobis

NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle granted ownership of the franchise to Rankin Smith Sr on June 30, 1965. The expansion group drafted All-American Universty of Texas linebacker Tommy Nobis with the first pick of the draft. The only first round selection of team ever worth a damn!

Initial Campaign Produces Few Victories

A legacy of losing was eternally forged on August 1, 1966 with the first ever exhibition loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The trend continued during season one with an 0-9 start.

New York Giants First Falcon Victim

The Falcons defeated the New York Giants in New York, New York for their initial triumph. Falcon fans suffered through the 1960s with only a dozen wins. Monday Night Football lowered its standards dramatically in 1970 by allowing the Falcons on national television. That experiment was a complete bust! The year 1971 was a landmark one as the team posted a first ever winning record.

Playoff Victory Totally Unexpected

The first ever Falcon playoff appearance in 1978 was a conquest of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Dallas Cowboys put the upstarts in their place the following week! There was a 12-4 slate in 1980 until the Dallas Cowboys reared their ugly heads in playoffs once again!


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