From War Sergeant To Commander Of SHIELD

Nicholas Fury Makes Rousing Debut

Sergeant Nick Fury and his howling commandos made their debut in 1963. That initial issue was illustrated by Jack “King” Kirby and penned by Stan “The Man” Lee. The World War II veteran fought Germans, Japanese and anyone else that got in his way during those frantic war years. Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandos enjoyed a run of 167 issues.

Early Issues Defined Characters

It is difficult to believe that only nine entries were drawn by Kirby. Legitimately the first seven issues were by the King himself. Others credited to him are #13 and #167. It should be noted that the last issue was the final one of the lengthy run which appeared in 1981. Reprints of earlier adventures were evident during the latter run of the title.

Future Fantastic Four Leader Makes An Appearance

Reed Richards appeared in this series. The regular soldier fighting the good fight in the 1940s would become leader of the Fantastic Four and more commonly referred to as Mr Fantastic. His was in #3. Ironically, Ben Grimm never showed up in this series. He was also a World War II veteran who became a member of the Fantastic Four known as Thing.

Select Group Suffers First Fatality

What is war without death? Nothing. Fury and his proud band lost one of their own in #4. The senseless death of Howler Junior Juniper hardened the group. Not much more is known of this young fighting man. He served with honor, pride and dignity. His ultimate sacrifice was felt by Fury and the commandos throughout the series run.

Baron Strucker Rears Ugly Head

Baron Strucker made his debut in #5. Who is this zealous Nazi bad guy? Know who Batman is? Well, Baron Strucker is to Fury what the Joker is to Batman. Clear? That tale was illustrated by Kirby. Baron Zemo appeared on the scene in #8. Mr Seig Heil Adoilph Hitler wormed his way into the title in #9. The head Nazi was actually featured on that cover.

Death Claims Beloved Of Fury

Fury was as hard as nails during the war years. He was an eternal iceberg hardened by decades of bitter cold in the hottest of all war zones. Only one person could melt that iceberg. Her name was Lady Pamela Hawley. She was a nurse in England. How much did Fury care for her? The gruff old war horse was going to propose to her.

Death Pushes Fury Over The Brink

Fury had a ring plus a certain question ready for Hawley. Captain Sam Sawyer could not bear to tell him. His commados were unable to break the bad news in time. Fury was informed of her death by her father. She apparently had been treating wounded soldiers when the bomb which claimed her life fell. This powerful episode is recorded in #18.


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