Fun Comic Books Now Highly Sought Treasures

Memorable Hanna-Barbera Television Cartoon Stars

Most of the younger generation recognize Hanna and Barbera for Scooby Doo. The extremely popular canine cartoon character is shown constantly on television and spawned several live action motion pictures. The movies were actually well done. I was a Space Ghost fan before he went coast to coast. The 1960s were a heyday for Hanna and Barbera creations.

Space Ghost Comic A True Diamond In Rough

The first and only Gold Key Space Ghost comic debuted in 1967. A mint copy of this highly sought after collectible commands hundreds of dollars. If a copy can be located! This Bucks Rogers and Flash Gordon, albeit with super powers, character zipped through the cosmos battling bad guys with two teenagers plus a money. Yes, a monkey!

Jonny Quest A True Role Model

The first and only Gold Key Jonny Quest comic debuted in 1964. The teen phenom got the jump on Space Ghost by three years. More or less. Have hundreds of dollars to spend? You may be able to secure a copy of this gem. Maybe. JC shared his adventures with his father, bodyguard, teenage friend and a dog. Yes, a dog. Named Bandit!

Frankenstein Jr & Those Impossible Impossibles

The first and only Gold Key Frankenstein Jr comic debuted in 1966. The Overstreet Price Guide even lists (& The Impossibles) in the official time. Although in parenthesis. No other Frankenstein has ever been like this one before or since. Frankie fought injustice with a teenager. The Impossibles remain a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Check them out.

Secret Squirrel An Animal Kingdom James Bond

The first and only Gold Key Secret Squirrel comic debuted in 1966. This character was apparently an effort to cash in on the phenomenal James Bond craze of the time. The squirrel was no Sean Connery but he did have his moments. The squirrel secret agent was joined by Morocco Mole, Squiddly Diddly (a personal favorite name) and Winsome Witch. No, I did not make these names up!

Addams Family By Way Of Bedrock

The most beloved stone age family of all time are the Flintstones of Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty, Bamm Bamm, Pebbles and Dino. They debuted in Dell Giant #48 in 1961. The Hanna-Barbera version of the Addams Family appeared as a Gold Key comic in 1974. Let me try to guess the cast. Bear with me. There were Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Wednesday, Uncle Fester, Lurch and Cousin It (Itt?). How did I do?


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