George Adamski Strangeness Remains Evident

George Adamski Was Right

The 1950s contactee continue to be a mystery wrapped in an enigma decades after his death. I have always believed there was more to contactees than meets the eye. That has led to exhaustive research of outer space ambassadors such as George, Howard Menger, Daniel Fry, Paul Villa, Caroll Watts and others. It appears that a second look is required.

No Photographic Expert

George was no photographic expert. Also, with his tours throughout the world time was a limited commodity. When did he have time and access to a studio in order to fake all his films and photographs? Where are ANY models used in the cimematic fakery? Surely one or two should have surfaced by now!

Criticized for Writing

George has been pitchforked mercilessly for his writings. Hey. The guy was not a professional author. He wrote in a sort of bland, matter-of-fact way which strengthens not weakens his claims. So his fiction book came before his contacts. A fictional story about the sinking of a ship like the Titanic appeared before that ship was the supposed victim of an iceberg.

Witnesses To Unwitnessable

Remember, the desert encounter between George and his outer space friend was witnessed by others who signed legal documents to attest that fact. Photographs were taken of the scout ship and footprints. There is even a report of a military contact with something in the area. Not all coincidences!

From California To Georgia in Record Time

Something strange occurred which I still cannot explain. I only relate the facts. Any meaning is left to the reader. A buyer of one of my ufo books in California got payment to me in record time. The buy was made in the morning. The NEXT DAY the payment arrived in my post office box. THE NEXT DAY! Buy made at 8 a.m. with letter pickup the next day at 2 p.m.

Strange Gets Even Stranger

That is unbelieveable enough but the next is astonishing. The envelope arrived with no stamp, no postmark and no sign of postal fee payment of any kind! Only the return address in the upper left hand corner. Coincidence? Maybe Orthon or one of his friends just wanted that item and went to extraordinary lengths to delivery the payment. Regardless. Thanks.


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