Hoax Designation For Scoutmaster UFO Case Insulting

Far More To UFO Encounter Than Meets The Eye

Scoutmaster DS Sonny Desvergers of West Palm Beach, Florida was driving three scouts home in 1952. What happened to him would change his life forever. He turned off the coastal highway down an inland blacktop to go where one of the boys lived. After traveling about 10 miles inland he noticed a bright light in the palmetto thickets. At first he passed by it but then stopped down the road and turned the car around to go back. The scout leader hesitated in doing this but could not help feeling that the light might have been a fire. Perhaps an aircraft had crashed.

Not An Aircraft Of This World

He stopped the car then got out to proceed to the scene of the bright lights. The boy scouts objected due to their fear of being alone in the darkness. Instructions were left with the boys to seek assistance if his return was not imminent. Desverges headed toward the thick brush not far from the road. Nearby were swamps full of snakes, alligators and other types of creatures. Desverges disappeared into the thicket approximately 50 yards from the roadway. The first thing he noticed was a terrible odor.

Armed Only With Machete Plus Flashlight

Using his machete to clear his way with one hand while the other held his flashlight to show the way through the darkness. He carried a second flashlight. Scouts in the car could clearly see the beam of his flashlight through the brush. Knowing he was being tracked by his flashlight he shined it up into the canopy of some of the trees as he proceeded toward the unknown source of the lights that had caused him to stop on the road.

Truly Heated Exchange

As he reached an opening in the brush he paused momentarily to signal back to the waiting boys. As he did he was suddenly overcome by an intensely humid heat. Desverges glanced up into the clear night sky to get his bearings. This was not possible because something above him was blocking the view. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to a large oval object which was hovering about 30 feet above him. As he slowly moved away from the frightening sight he aimed his flashlight toward the object. He could now make out the concave bottom of a smooth round craft with a dome on top. The scoutmaster continued to slowly move back from the object until he heard a sound which froze him in his tracks. The sound he heard was a large metal door closing. He now found himself surrounded by a red mist. Desverges then lost consciousness.

Boy Scouts Sound Alarm

The three boy scouts were Bobby Ruffing, Chuck Stevens and David Rowan. They saw the scoutmaster surrounded by a big red ball of fire. The terrified boys left the car then raced as fast as they could down the road to a farmhouse. They told a farmer what they had seen. The farmer quickly called lawmen who soon arrived at the scene. Deputy Sheriff Mott Partin picked the boys up then drove back to the car. As they arrived they saw Desvergers racing from the wooded area. Partin said Desvergers was more scared than anyone he had ever seen. The other officers who accompanied Partin ran into the area vacated by the frightened scoutmaster. A lit flashlight was located. Grass was flattened near the flashlight. The second flashlight would never be found.

Official Explanation Misses Mark Completely

The hands, arms, face and cap of Desverges were all burned. Edward J Ruppelt of Project Blue Book investigated the case. Ruppelt interviewed the witness several times. Ruppelt remarked that he remembered details very well. The investigator believed Desvergers was telling the truth. The wounds were indicative of mild sunburn. There were singed hairs, burns on his face and arms. His nostrils showed signs of being burned by a flash heat source. At the scene of the event nothing was discovered to invalidate the account. It was later revealed after tests at Dayton, Ohio that the roots of the samples of grass taken at the scene were charred. His cap also indicated signs of being damaged by sparks of some kind. The three boys confirmed that the cap had not been burned earlier in the day. The story stands as a documented physical trace account of a UFO encounter.


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