Jack Ruby Begged Earl Warren To Allow Him To Talk

Jack Ruby Role Allows Conspiracy To Succeed

Ruby was a two-bit thug with criminal connections galore. His murder of United States Marine Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Department allowed conspirators to frame a dead man without regard to justice, decency or the law.

Assassin Accomplishes Mission

Ruby received orders from someone to exterminate Lee. Those orders came from a source which made it crystal clear that if Oswald were not eliminated then Ruby himself would not be long for this world. Ruby was doubtless terrified but his sense of self preservation outweighed his fear.

Successful Transfer Was A No-No

Conspirators could simply not allow Lee to be transferred from the corrupt Dallas Police Department to the infinitely more secure Dallas Sheriff Department. Such a transfer would make Lee far more difficult to murder. Of course, the thought of a trial for Lee was not even a consideration for conspirators. That would NEVER be allowed to happen!

Transfer Held Up Until Assassin In Place

The greatest negative in the organized crime did it scenario is that the transfer was held up. Had the transfer plans been followed then Lee would not have been in the police department basement at the same time Ruby was present. Forces ensured that Ruby was in place before the poor handcuffed patsy was led in for slaughter.

World Watches Murder

Conspirators were certain the assassination of the innocent Marine was shown on television. The event punctuated that anyone could be killed even in a police department basement filled with corrupt lawmen. The incident also sent a message to those considering backing justice against tyranny. Forget it! The inmates are in charge of the prison.

Ruby Death Relieves Conspirators

The murder of Lee relieved conspirators tremendously (he was supposed to have been gunned down resisting arrest) but Ruby remained a problem. He simply knew too much to be allowed to talk. They sidestepped this by having his impaired mental state “confirmed” by paid corrupt government stooges. No matter what he said could be disregarded as ravings of demented. His suspicious death had conspirators rejoicing.


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