Key Military UFO Case Mired In Endless Red Tape

Did UFOs Attack Georgia Military Base?

John Vasquez, a San Diego county resident, has spoken to both Orion and the San Diego UFO Society. He describes an incident, which he remembers from September of 1977, in which he recalls a lot of strange things including a UFO attack. Vasquez remembers as many as 1,300 troops being involved and all experiencing trauma as a result.

Former Soldier Wants To Remember Incident

Vasquez underwent counseling, regression therapy and hypnosis to deal with these memories. His commitment to the investigation of these disturbing memories has led to a great deal of personal time spent collecting evidence that the incident did occur.

Book Chronicles Disturbing Events

After years of research the former soldier and Bruce Stephen Holms wrote a book. Included is collected government documentation which takes up approximately a third of the book. The former soldier truly believes he had some kind of experience. It is possible that he was part of an hallucinogenic gas experiment of some kind. It is also possible that he was part of a real UFO attack which was simulated by the United States government. This incident is extraordinary in more ways than one.

Troubling Memories Haunt Former Soldier Decades Later

Vasquez remembers large groups of soldiers being transported instantly from one location to another without warning or reason. He remembers everyone falling asleep in formation while standing after a bright light passes them silently over a runway.

Physical Injuries From Beams Of Light

The former soldier remembers injuries from beams of light that left red burns with yellow dots. He collected evidence that 14 soldiers were hospitalized for measles during an outbreak in September of 1977. This would seem unlikely as he says everyone in the army at that time was vaccinated against measles (cover story). At the same time there was a test program called JAWS which, in an article from the Ledger, is called Battlefield of Future (secret program which used American soldiers as test subjects?). Many more such documents are included in the book.

Other Witnesses Refuse To Publicly Step Forward

Vasquez has located a couple of other people who he remember being there. None of them are willing to discuss the incident (understandable). Most of the soldiers he remembers were sent away after the incident (standard military protocol after such an occurance) and those he can find are not able or willing to help him locate the others (understandable). The search is difficult because much of what happened is probably highly classified (almost certainly).

Witness Simply Wants The Truth

The former soldier is open to the possibility that there is a terrestrial explanation for all this but he is determined to continue searching for the truth until he finds it. The book is entertaining and although many of the actions taken by himself and the other soldiers are questionable the circumstances are extraordinary, Vasquez also hopes that the book and any mention of his experience will trigger a memory in one of his buddies and that they will contact him with any additional information.

On A Personal Note

My family and I used to travel through Columbus regularly to visit relatives in North Georgia. It used to be simple to access the Fort Benning military installation from any point on the highway. Concrete buffers at all pertinent points now make unauthorized or accidental access almost impossible. If my memory is correct this action was taken in the mid 1970s around the time of the reported incident.

Fort Benning Entrance Secured Long Before 911

Many know-it-alls claim this precaution was enacted due to the 911 attacks but this is a complete falsehood. These security precautions have now been in place for over three decades. Long before the 911 incidents.

Military Insiders Know Something Unusual Took Place

Having been an investigative reporter for over four decades I have talked to numerous inside contacts who have provided information that something highly unusual did occur at Fort Benning during the aforementioned time frame. Unfortunately, none of those sources can speak on the record. The majority are former or presently active military personnel who must still adhere to strict punishable secrecy regulations. Anyone with any additional information about this or similiar incidents are encouraged to contact me.


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