Lee Oswald Framed By Corrupt USA Fed Gov

So Much For Loyalty Among Marines

Former United States Marine Lee Harvey Oswald was framed for the murder of a president and an on-duty Dallas policeman. His name and that of his entire family carries a stigma almost half a century later. In my estimation Lee never fired a gun at either the president or that policeman. No honor among thieves? How about honor among Marines? There was none for Lee!

Trained Him Well Enough To Kill Him

The intelligence training Lee received From the United States enabled him to keep his mouth shut following his set-up arrest in Dallas, Texas. The former Marine alerted superiors to the plot which he believed would be cut off. Unfortunately, his alerts reached Lucifer via a Hell portal. He realized this fact too late.

Silent Interrogation No Oversight

Do not believe for a second that no notes or recordings were made while Lee was interrogated by members of the Dallas Police Departnment and others. I fully believe Lee explained the situation in detail which is why those who heard remained silent. Conspiracies require silence. Plenty of it!

Lee Deserving Of Sympathy

I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of pity and sympathy whenever I see images of Lee being paraded around the Dallas Police Department like a prize turkey. Even child-molesting scumbags are granted legal advice. Lee was denied a legal representative despite numerous requests for one. Patsies about to be framed cannot have bothersome legal eagles representing them. That is a conspiracy requirement. It was met!

This Patsy Murdered No One

Lee never fired a rifle at the president nor did he gun down a Dallas policeman later. He proclaimed that during his confinement. It was easy to tell from his behavior that he was in serious trouble. Not from any alleged murders he did not commit but that his intelligence buddies had set him up, left him out to dry and rammed a Marine bayonet into his back. He was right!

Final Plea For Justice

Lee made one final attempt to reveal all during his interrogation. That is why the transparent lie of nothing being taken down was forced into place. Then it became a matter of thr memory of those present. The conspirators were firmly in charge.

A Well Orchestrated Aborted Transfer

Why was Lee held up by lawmen during his transfer until his assassin was in place? Well, but that is a whole new topic for another lens. Until then.


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