Lucifer Chronicles: Prelude

First A Necessary Disclaimer

The Lucifer Chronicles are a complete work of fiction. Refer to them as educated religious speculation. No factual emphasis should be placed or attached to them as they are for entertainment purposes only. They are in no way meant as revisionist Biblical documentation.

Funds Required For Research And Translation

Historically significant parchment scrolls were recently discovered in Sedah-Lleh, Ytinrete by nomadic Ytinretes. The aged parchment scrolls were discovered deep in the bowels of a cave which was struck by a cave-in prior to the removal of all vessels containing scrolls. Efforts to reach the room within the cave have all met with failure.

Historical Documents Offer Another Perspective

These scrolls certainly appear to provide an insightful perspective of Biblical events through the eyes of Lucifer. Christians prefer to utilize the name Satan because they believe Lucifer forfeited his God-given name when he attempted to take over Heaven.

Angels By Any Other Name

It should be noted that Lucifer was the favorite angel of God. Lucifer and the angels were with God long before the first breath of life was ever breathed into Adam by God. Angels beside God are angels. Angels beside Lucifer are now demons. Angels are still powerful.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Humans are mistaken to believe that Lucifer skulks around with horns and a long tail. His physical appearance has never changed. Remember, Lucifer was the most beautiful angel created by God. The favorite of God. When it comes to angels that certainly means an awful lot.


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