Paul Villa UFO Photographs Simply Not Hoaxes

Extraordinary UFO Contact

It all started June 16, 1963 near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mechanic Paul Villa had the unique privilege of having arranged meetings with outer space visitors for the express purpose of taking pictures of their craft. Contacts of one kind or another were not new to Villa who had been taught telepathy by extraterrestrial intelligences since he was five years of age.

Schooling Limited For Contactee

Villa did not complete the 10th grade but seemed to possess knowledge on such subjects as mathematics, electricity, physics and mechanics. The New Mexican had the unusual gift for detecting defects in engines.

Flying Saucers Not New Sight For Villa

Villa said that prior to photographing his first series of saucers in 1963 he had seen about five flying saucers in the previous five years. He disclosed that he had conversed with occupants of those craft. His first picture-taking contact was his second in-person meeting with extraterrestrial beings. The first was in 1953 while he was working for the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles, California. While on the job one day in Long Beach he had a strong urge to go down to the beach. A feeling he did not understand. There he met a man about seven feet tall. Villa was apprehensive at first and wanted to flee but was calmed by the entity who called him by name and related personal details to him.

Exchange Changes Villa

Villa realized that he was communicating with a very superior intelligence. The contactee then became aware that this being was a spaceman. The entity knew everything Villa had in his mind and told him many things that had happened in his life. The entity then told Villa to look out beyond the reef. He saw a metallic looking disc-shaped object that seemed to be floating on the water. Then the spaceman asked him if he would like to go aboard the craft and look around. Villa went with him.

Special Visitors Make Impression

Villa said the flying saucer occupants were entirely humanoid in appearance although better looking in general than Earth people. They were more refined in the face and the body. They possessed an advanced knowledge of science as evidenced by their craft. They told Villa that the whole galaxy to which the Earth belongs is a grain of sand on a huge beach in relation to the unfathomable number of inhabited galaxies in the entire universe. Because of their technological advancement their spaceships can effortlessly penetrate radar detection systems.

UFOs Can Avoid Radar Easily

Craft are only detected on radar when occupants wish them to be. They said they were here on a friendly mission to help Earth people. There is a base on the moon. They said a Superior Intelligence (God?) governs the universe and everything in it. And oh all those wonderful photographs!


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